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Explore the rich musical landscape of Baby Driver with the ultimate liner notes track.  Music Mode offers the viewer artist information, insight into Edgar Wright’s choices for each song and much more, including a countdown that allows you to guess the song before it is revealed onscreen.
1. Bellbottoms
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Director Edgar Wright fell in love with this song in 1995 when he was 21. Repeated listenings led him to "visualize a car chase that would go along with the music."
2. Harlem Shuffle
Bob & Earl
Edgar Wright was drawn to Harlem Shuffle because it's "a great walking song, just the groove of’s such a slinky amazing rhythm to walk along to. That is the soundtrack for a single-take shot, so when we were trying to find the right location for that single take, we literally would have ‘Harlem Shuffle’ playing on my iPhone."
3. Eqyptian
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
“I like when Jon Bernthal says ‘Egyptian Reggae' [in the movie]... because he says it with bemusement. It’s like, ‘Is that the name of the song, or is that the genre?’ He goes, ‘I want to know what’s going on between this kid’s ears, aside from...Egyptian Reggae." -Edgar Wright
4. Smokey Joe's La La
Googie Rene
Googie Rene was a popular bandleader from 1956 to 1966, whose style encompassed early rock & roll era to soul.
5. Let's Go Away for Awhile
The Beach Boys
When Ansel Elgort did his first of two auditions for his role, "He was reading the diner scene," Edgar Wright recalls. "I asked, ‘Do you want me to play the Beach Boys while you read the scene? Because that’s what we’ll be hearing.’ He said, ‘Sure!'" In the final scene, Wright says, "the mood is kind of dreamy...because they’re listening to that track.”
6. B-A-B-Y
Carla Thomas
Lily James was born Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson in Esher, Surrey. Both of her parents are actors, as was her grandmother, Helen Horton. Lily studied at Arts Educational School in Tring and later at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, graduating in 2010.
7. Kashmere
Kashmere Stage Band
Johnson was reportedly inspired by a 1967 Otis Redding concert to form his band. He wrote funk songs for the group, dressed them in platform shoes and crushed-velvet suits, and had them accompany their playing with stylish choreography that won the praise of even James Brown.
8. Unsquare Dance
The Dave Brubeck Quartet
The Dave Brubeck Quartet’s recordings and live shows introduced jazz to thousands. The group played in jazz clubs in every major city and toured with such artists as Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie and Stan Getz. The Dave Brubeck Quartet won countless honors in trade magazines and critic’s and readers' polls. In 1954 Dave Brubeck even appeared on the cover of Time.
9. Neat Neat Neat
The Damned
Wright knew where he wanted to use this song in the film - but DP Bill Pope pointed out that the song was too short for the action. Wright's solution: "In the scene...the plan goes wrong, [so Baby] rewinds the song to the point it was at before it went wrong and starts again." Baby's rewind of the song was filmed on the last day of shooting.
10. Easy
The Commodores
“At the time that I first auditioned Ansel Elgort, he was 20. He turned 21 on set. Our choreographer, Ryan Heffington, had this amazing idea to ask them what song they know by heart...And [Ansel] goes, ‘Yeah, Easy by the Commodores.’ I said, ‘Really? I F$%^# love that song,’ and I had it on my iTunes, so we just did a scene, and he was not wrong." -Edgar Wright
11. Debora
T. Rex
Wright wanted to include songs referencing "Debora." He first thought of T. Rex's Debora; "then when I mentioned...Debora to someone, they said, ‘Oh, the Beck one?’ Then I thought the Beck one would be funny to talk about, because the first line of it is, ‘I met you in JC Penney, I think your name tag said Jenny.’ I thought, ‘Oh, yeah, it’s about Jenny, the sister."
12. Debra
Beck David Campbell was born in L.A. in 1970. His mother, Bibbe, was raised amid New York's Andy Warhol Factory art scene and was later in the L.A. punk-drag band Black Fag. His father, David Campbell, is a Canadian-born arranger, composer and conductor who worked on hundreds of albums, including Carole King's Tapestry, as well as many films, including Brokeback Mountain.
13. Bongolia
Incredible Bongo Band
Although the "group" never existed as a true band, a team of individuals was assembled for a publicity photo. The band's best-known work is probably their percussion-heavy cover of Apache, a 1960 hit for The Shadows. It was later sampled heavily by hip hop artists to become one of the most popular sampled percussion breaks of all time.
14. Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)
The Detroit Emeralds
Abrim, Ivory, Cleophus, and Raymond Tilmon formed the Detroit Emeralds in the '60s. By 1970 they were a trio, creating such R&B hits as Do Me Right, You Want It, You Got It, and Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms) in 1971 and 1972, and You're Gettin' a Little Too Smart in 1973. Many consider Feel the Need their best song, but it was far from a hit, although it was their last chart entry in 1977.
15. Early in the Morning
Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated
In 1962 Korner and Davies formed Blues Incorporated, which originally featured the core group of Korner, Davies, pianist Ken Scott, and saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith. The group featured a rotating lineup of guest musicians that included future Rolling Stones' drummer Charlie Watts and future Cream bassist Jack Bruce.
16. The Edge
David McCallum
The multi-talented David McCallum has racked up many accomplishments, including acting in film, theater, and TV, plus issuing his own music albums (McCallum plays several instruments). Born David Keith McCallum in 1933, in Glasgow, Scotland, McCallum was immersed in music from an early age: his father was a violinist with the London Philharmonic and his mother a cellist.
17. Nowhere to Run
Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
“There are moments in the movie where the lyric is telling you exactly what’s happening... The point when Nowhere to Run comes in, Baby is in a fix. He’s stuck with this gang that he doesn’t want to be with, and there doesn’t seem to be an immediate exit, so the lyrics fit: '‘Nowhere to run to, baby, nowhere to hide.'” -Edgar Wright
18. Tequila
Button Down Brass
This version of Tequila "is not the original Champs version everyone knows," Wright says. "It's a cover by the Button Down Brass. In the slow-cooking process of writing this movie over many, many years, I'd been earmarking these tracks that I hoped would never show up in another movie."
19. When Something is Wrong with My Baby
Sam & Dave
Perhaps no act epitomized soul music as the secularization of gospel more than Sam & Dave. Sam Moore and Dave Prater met in Florida in 1961, and they recorded unsuccessfully for several years before being signed to Atlantic Records in 1965.
20. Every Little Bit Hurts
Brenda Holloway
Best known for her ballad hit "Every Little Bit Hurts," Holloway also recorded (and co-wrote) the original version of "You've Made Me So Very Happy," which soon became a hit for jazz-rockers Blood Sweat & Tears.
21. Intermission
Edgar Wright says that instrumentals are "more open to interpretation with the visuals...‘Intermission’ was always something to me that starts comedic and then becomes very menacing, so it’s something I’ve always had earmarked as a track I thought would be amazing to use in a movie."
22. Hocus Pocus
While Wright enjoyed using some songs because their lyrics matched the screen action, he also liked the ambiguity of instrumentals like Hocus Pocus and Intermission, which he says "are crying out for some kind of visual accompaniment." -Edgar Wright
23. Radar Love
Golden Earring
Wright says that Radar Love is "one of those interesting songs because it would seem to be the classic American FM driving song, except it’s by a Dutch band. It sounds so American, the lyrics are sort of the American auto dream...I love that song. If I ever did a sequel, I could find an excuse to get Radar Love’ in there again.”
24. Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up
Barry White
Born in Galveston, TX, Barry White grew up singing gospel songs with his mother and taught himself to play piano. After moving to South Central L.A., White made his first record when he was 16. From 1974 to 1979, there was no stopping the Barry White Hit Train with releases like Barry White Sings Love Songs for the One You Love, Let the Music Play and Just Another Way to Say I Love You.
25. Know How
Young MC
After earning an economics degree from USC, rapper Marvin Young made his debut as Young MC on the single I Let 'Em Know. In 1989, Young collaborated with Tone-Loc on Wild Thing, the first Top Ten pop hit for a black rapper, and the follow-up smash Funky Cold Medina. Young went solo on the Top Ten hit Bust a Move; it won a Grammy and helped the album Stone Cold Rhymin' go platinum.
26. Brighton Rock
"Sheer Heart Attack is my favorite Queen album... It's the first proper hit album they had, because they had Killer Queen on it and Brighton Rock opened the album. Sometimes you pick tracks where there’s no video for it or nobody’s done anything with it. It’s not been in any other movie."
27. Easy
Sky Ferreira
Synth pop singer/songwriter Sky Ferreira gained an online following, worked with Britney Spears' producers and become friends with Michael Jackson before she even turned 15. The L.A.-born Ferreira discovered her talent while singing with a gospel choir; she later studied opera to improve her voice.hHer first singles, One and Obsession, were released in 2010.
28. Baby Driver
Simon & Garfunkel
"I just really like that song. [The film is] not inspired in terms of the lyrics of that song don't really have anything to do with the movie, but that song and that album I used to love a lot as a kid." -Edgar Wright
29. "Was He Slow?"
Kid Koala
Chinese-Canadian turntablist and illustrator Kid Koala was born Eric San in British Columbia, in 1974. A classically trained pianist, San put his fingers to work on a pair of Technics 1200s starting in the late '80s.
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